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Builder Services


The strength of the residential construction industry in Oregon has helped fuel Trinity’s success. Ninety percent of our market share is comprised of new residential clients. Trinity serves homebuilders in the greater Portland metro area. Trinity Flooring also serves a number of smaller markets like, Newberg, Sherwood, McMinnville, Salem, Albany, Molalla, and many more.


At Trinity, we deliver what we promise so that our builders and their homebuyers are completely satisfied. Our advanced selection system provides software controlled systems focused on coordinating, managing and maintaining production schedules. And with our pre-priced options, each client pays the same amount for upgrade options, guaranteeing consistent pricing. Trinity also offers detailed upgrade addendums and precise reporting.

We help builders save time, money and increase customer satisfaction by:

  • Creating educated homebuyers empowered with realistic expectations who fully participate in the selection process. Satisfied clients generate more referrals.
  • Fulfilling your buyers’ needs in a profession, efficient and accurate manner.
  • Offering buyers more opportunities to customize, which helps you sell more homes.
  • Educating clients so they can see the value in upgrading their options which increases upgrade sales and builder profits on each home sale.
  • Responding to your needs and fully serving your clients, freeing your Sales Agents to concentrate on home sales.