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Design Center Services

Trinity Flooring was created to offer the market another option. We feel that there is always a better way to deliver a quality product, service and experience to every customer. We do this by adding services to ensure a quality experience from the time a customer walks through the door to the time they have their 1 year walk. We feel that educating the consumer on material types and construction is the only way they can truly make an informed decision. Combined we have over a half a century worth of experience in the flooring and counter tops industry allowing us to give you unparalleled knowledge.


Trinity offers a special area in our showroom especially for builders and their customers. Our Builder Design Center is focused on making the selection process as easy as possible for the builder’s customers. Products that fit into a customer’s budget is our major focus. Other flooring and countertop products are an option if the customer is interested. By having a private area especially designed for the builder it makes the product selection process much easier on the customer. We start the selection process by showing the customer a plan the is clearly marked, showing them what surface has been programed in what area of their home. We then give them the opportunity to make changes as they see fit. The next step to begin selecting specific flooring products for each room, considering how the family might use that room, and what type of wear and tear the room might have. Once all the selections are made the selections are given to the builder for future installation information. Trinity Flooring also offers professional design help if the customer would like some additional help in the selection process.